Nicole Rothe BSc, CFP®, EPC

Financial Planner – Investment Planning and Advice – Insurance 

Our team includes one advisor, Nicole Rothe a Financial Planner with 8 years of industry experience and her husband and marketing assistant Jordan Rothe. We offer sensible, client-focused financial, investment, and insurance advice, and products for real people. We believe that your goal should be to protect your family, to assist your children with their post-secondary education, and to prepare for a comfortable, worry-free retirement with income that will last as long as you do. It’s not just financial planning; it’s life planning. Our purpose is to assist with personal, family, and business financial planning, providing clear, personalized solutions to meet your individual needs. We’re here to ease financial stress and to give you more time to enjoy life.

We can help you to create a written, goal-oriented financial plan, and coordinate with your other professionals such as your accountant. We’re able to provide a wide choice of mutual funds, TFSAs, GICs, savings accounts, RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, segregated funds, and life, disability, and critical-illness insurance. We're independent, meaning that we have no connection to any particular insurer or other financial institution. Our only bias is to serve your needs and best interests.

As small-business owners we have insight into financial planning for other small-business owners, including tax minimization strategies and succession planning.


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